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Best programme of the year - Retail

This award was awarded to the brand which demonstrated that it has operated the best loyalty programme in its sector - Retail.

The winner: Clicks


The ClubCard Rewards programme is Clicks’ way of thanking their customers for choosing to shop with Clicks, whether in-store or online. Clicks customers love and trust the ClubCard programme because it is simple to understand and delivers back to the customer over and over again.


Celebrating their 25th birthday in 2020, the Clicks ClubCard is one of the largest retail loyalty programmes in South Africa. The ClubCard programme has consistently rewarded members with cashback over the years, which can also be boosted by double points opportunities and additional earnings at their affinity partners.


Customers who choose Clicks as their shopping destination also have the choice to enhance their experience by becoming Clicks ClubCard members and earning rewards as well as great value pricing. The Clicks ClubCard benefits are leaders in terms of value and relevance across a broad spectrum.

"We would like to commend Clicks, 25 years on and the Clicks Clubcard is still innovating and remaining relevant. We were impressed that during COVID-19, Clicks encouraged more people to use the App rather than relying on card swipes. Clicks really is leading the way for the best loyalty programme for its customers."


Wendy Knowler - South African Loyalty Awards Judge


Highly commended: Pick n Pay

"Pick n Pay still stands out with its high active user base and the quantity of rewards value given back to their customers, through points, member-special pricing and personalised discount vouchers. We also love their real-time redemption, which differentiates Smart Shopper."

Nicholas Bednall - South African Loyalty Awards Judge


Highly commended: Checkers 

"What an impressive entry into the South African rewards landscape. We found impressive and phenomenal use of tech and digital engagement platforms to create a true multi-channel approach. The Checkers Xtra Savings initial data is impressive. It will be very interesting to see these results again in 2021."


Andrew Hall - South African Loyalty Awards Judge

Best programme of the year - Financial Services

This award was awarded to the brand which demonstrated that it has operated the best loyalty programme in its sector - Financial Services.

The winner: eBucks


Unlike other programmes in financial services, eBucks Rewards is the only programme that has a dedicated reward programme for each of its customer segments.  Customers are not the same or have the same financial abilities. That’s why eBucks has dedicated programmes driving specific behaviours which are achievable and relevant for members across Gold, Premier, Private Clients, Private Wealth and RMB Private Bank.  This also applies to Business Banking.  eBucks Rewards effectively runs 6 programmes within Retail Banking, and 3 within Business Banking.  The programme follows a simple continuum making reward relevant through a customer’s financial lifetime.


eBucks Rewards has been fortunate to pioneer many South African firsts in the rewards landscape. This was done with commitment of the greater FNB/RMB, customers as well as the support of the many eBucks retail Partners. Together an integrated value ecosystem has been built that provides great value to all stakeholders.


The eBucks programme promotes good banking behaviour across four banking pillars: transact, lend, insure and invest. Customers qualify for eBucks, and they collect points based on monthly behaviours/goals across these four pillars. The more points a customer collects, the higher their reward tier (level 1-5) which determines the level of eBucks, discounts and benefits a customer receives monthly.

"FNB eBucks is still innovating after 20 years. The programme is offering more rewards to their members, with a segmented and personalised reward offering. Their members have the ability to track, access and spend rewards all on one platform."


Wendy Knowler - South African Loyalty Awards Judge

Old Mutual.png

Highly commended: Old Mutual 

"Old Mutual has a pioneering approach to try and change and improve financial behaviour in South Africa. We commend it for what it has achieved in the last year. It has offered a well put together and well delivered rewards programme into a long-term financial services market."

Andrew Hall - South African Loyalty Awards Judge

Best programme of the year - Restaurants/QSR

This award was awarded to the brand which demonstrated that it has operated the best loyalty programme in its sector - Restaurants/QSR

The winner: Kauai


The new loyalty programme from Kauai has shown how programmes evolve over time.  From their original smoothie sticker stamp cards to a new App, serving its customers beyond just loyalty.

Loyalty has always been rewarded at Kauai. Since their very first store 24 years ago, loyal customers could collect smoothie stickers for each smoothie purchased, receiving a free smoothie after 12

purchases. While rewarding loyal customers has always been a constant for Kauai, they have evolved the programme over the brand’s 24 years: the initial smoothie cards were expanded to include coffee, and launched a loyalty App in 2014, which allowed customers to earn digital smoothie & coffee stickers, and birthday rewards.


In April 2019, Kauai launched a fresh new loyalty programme powered by an innovative App. The App includes a cashback loyalty system with “Order Ahead” functionality: i.e. customers can order via the App and simply collect their order in store at their chosen time slot.


At the time of launch, it was the first App in South Africa to offer these functions together. The App also offers a few other handy functions, such as the ability to purchase and send gift cards, as well as offering a contactless payment solution: i.e. the ability to pay in App, with your linked bank card.

"Kauai offers great value for its customers via a very attractive App and loyalty programme. Its customer retention is very strong, which is impressive. The in-App payment is innovative and creates a frictionless experience for its customers, especially in COVID-19 times. Kauai has created partnerships with bluechip brands, bringing great synergies and wide appeal and redemption ability."


Bronwen Rohland - South African Loyalty Awards Judge


Highly commended: King Pie 

"King Pie loyalty programme is impressive, simple and effective. The programme has driven strong numbers, proving the value of its loyalty programme to the business. It is a simple and effective programme for its members."


Zandile Manana - South African Loyalty Awards Judge

Best programme of the year - Other

This award was awarded to the brand which demonstrated that it has operated the best loyalty programme in its sector - Other

The winner: MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet


MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet Programme celebrates 23 years of making a sustainable difference in South Africa via its ‘loyalty’ offering. It is seen as a forerunner in ‘Community Loyalty’ in South Africa and most likely the world. It prides itself on being one of the first programmes in South Africa to focus on the triple bottom line approach (financial, social and environmental).


The judges are impressed that it continues to gain strength year on year. The judges commended this programme for its incremental performance results which are delivered because of the MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet loyalty proposition, which outstripped other programme results in terms of ROI performance, retention statistics and NPS measurements.


Not only does the MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet programme yield impressive loyalty performance results, but it proves that companies can embrace its customers’ spirit to care deeply about something and join its customers to deliver towards this, whether that be their children’s education, wild animals or saving the planet.

"The My School My Village My Planet programme is arguably the best loyalty programme in the world.  The programme delivers exceptional loyalty techniques, which puts the power back into the hands of its members and makes the emotional connection for its customers."


Matt Oldham  - South African Loyalty Awards Judge

Best Community or environmental loyalty initiative / campaign 

This award was awarded to the brand which demonstrates their commitment to sustainability and who can demonstrate a high level of success in delivering a local or regional community loyalty initiatives

The winner: MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet


Throughout the world, loyalty is generally focused on personal gain. However, true emotional and transactional loyalty are only achieved when these two pillars work in harmony. The need to make a difference, and experience the impact, builds emotional loyalty to a brand and a loyalty programme. The combination of the MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet programme, combined with partner programmes such as WRewards, provides members with a sustainable transactional and emotional reward.


The MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet community loyalty programme is characterised by the following three pillars:


MySchool supports quality learning in South Africa. It helps thousands of schools, many in under-resourced areas of the country, with what they need in order to provide learners with the education they deserve. Through its own Thuso Fund (Corporate Social Investment), it enables cardholders to specifically support under-resourced schools and their educational needs nationally.


MyVillage supports vulnerable people in communities: from orphans to senior citizens and people with disabilities, help charities and other organisations that support vulnerable people in communities.


MyPlanet is focused on protecting wild and domestic animals, providing funds to conservation, environment and animal welfare organisations, including the likes of the MyPlanet Rhino Fund, the SPCA National Fund, and the Animal Anti-Cruelty League.


The MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet programme, which has been in existence for 22 years and drives commercial imperatives as well as social impact. Every month many organisations depend on the funds that have been raised to pay salaries, compliment feeding schemes, provide support for disabilities like hearing aids, cleft pallet surgery and much more.

"MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet continues to drive value for communities and the environment by delivering a unique proposition to its customers."


Yunus Patel - South African Loyalty Awards Judge

Most innovative use of technology for loyalty

This award was awarded to the brand which demonstrated the most innovative use of technology through its loyalty programme and initiatives. 

The winner: eBucks


eBucks has spent the past 20 years driving good customer banking behaviour helping customers manage their money better and to be financially independent.


They continue to refine their programme to bring even more value to their members and partners. The programme has evolved with their customers, and continues to help customers earn and spend eBucks, while offering other benefits and rewards that can be enjoyed by the whole family.


eBucks Rewards has invested in providing customers with a simple and transparent way to engage with the programme. Rewards and benefits are built on a single platform and can be accessed via the FNB App or No matter where their customers are, they have access to their rewards programme.


eBucks recently launched Smart Spend. eBucks members can now earn eBucks as they reach specified spend amounts during the month.  Smart Spend enables members to track their daily card spend on the FNB App and pays out eBucks once an amount is reached, rather than members having to wait till the next month for a rewards pay-out.  FNB Easy customers earn ‘instant’ airtime rewards for Smart Spend during the month.

"FNB eBucks impresses the judges again this year with more and more customer innovation. eBucks has made impressive enhancements to their already established platform. eBucks have set the benchmark for the industry and have created a tough act to follow and do not rest still, even though they are clearly at the top of their game."


Nicholas Bednall - South African Loyalty Awards Judge

Highly commended: SnapnSave


"SnapnSave's till slip OCR rewards technology is outstanding, allowing members to shop anywhere and still get cashback. The technology they have provided for Vitality, PPC, Multiply and Finish offer customers rewards for what they purchase, not where they shop.  Their technology bypasses the need for POS integration."


Candice Goodman - South African Loyalty Awards Judge

Best short-term marketing camapign

This award was awarded to tthe organisation or brand that can demonstrate how it has implemented the best marketing campaign in 2019 (1 Jan - 31 Dec) linked to its loyalty programme or initiative. 

The winner: Clicks 


The ClubCard Rewards programme is Clicks’ way of thanking customers for choosing to shop with Clicks, whether in-store or online. Clicks customers love and trust the ClubCard programme because it is simple to understand and delivers back to the customer over and over again.


Their partnerships are popular benefits for ClubCard members. In response to customer requests for a fuel partner with a larger national footprint, Clicks switched its fuel partner to Engen on 1 December 2019 without any break in service to customers. The change happened overnight at the beginning of the peak December travel period.


The launch was supported by an extensive and comprehensive marketing campaign across all platforms which encouraged switching of Clubcard members to the new fuel partner as soon as possible. Testament to it’s success was a spike in new enrolments exceeding the planned loyalty litres sold during the campaign period.

"Clicks show an exceptional execution and commercial performance, with strong conversion across many channels."


Nicholas Bednall - South African Loyalty Awards Judge

Highly commended: Vodacom


"What an impressive campaign by Vodacom, which was clearly successful, not only commercially and beneficial to customers, but also provided significant insight to their overall customer loyalty strategy. Well executed and a great stepping stone to further leverage loyalty capability to enhance customer experience."



Angelo Clayton- South African Loyalty Awards Judge

Best loyalty technology vendor 

This award was awarded to the best loyalty technology company in SA. Vendors are encouraged to submit their achievements, successes and brands they have worked with.

The winner: Comarch


For the past 20 years, Comarch has been a global provider of cutting-edge IT products for improving customer engagement. Its high-end technology and global experience delivers out the most complex loyalty-focused projects. It proudly serves highly popular brands such as BP and locally, Old Mutual in South Africa.


Comarch Loyalty Management is a comprehensive, technologically advanced system that allows its customers to create and execute successful loyalty programmes with ease. Supporting both B2C and B2B operators, Comarch utilises the latest artificial intelligence & machine learning mechanisms to help its clients identify individual patterns in clients' behaviour and provide offers that are perfectly in line with their preferences.

"Comarch have shared a great Old Mutual case study, which illustrates their capabilities. The Comarch solution ticks all the boxes for a great loyalty programme technology provider and is flexible for different clients."


Zandile Manana - South African Loyalty Awards Judge

Highly commended: Retail Engage 

"Retail Engage provides a holistic solution. Its innovative capability for Bonsella, caters to a wide range of consumers across multiple channels, including WhatsApp. Most notably, Retail Engage succeeds in vast point of sale integration in the broader retail environment, which is a difficult challenge and it has achieved this."


Angelo Clayton - South African Loyalty Awards Judge


Best use of multi-channel loyalty communication / engagement 

This award was awarded to the brand that showed the impressive use of email, mobile & social within a loyalty initiative that took advantage of the fast pace within the sector.

The winner: Clicks


When it comes to multichannel loyalty, Clicks demonstrates its proposition as a clear market leader. A three-month campaign, with a  relatively small and yet effectively used budget, yielded great returns.


My ClubCard Deals provides personalised rewards bi-weekly to each Clicks ClubCard member. The customer activates the deals in the Clicks mobile App and can then redeem in any store or online (the offers include threshold and product discount offers). 


Clicks ClubCard members interact with Clicks on various channels. They developed a multi-channel approach to targeting these consumers across the following channels: email, SMS, push notifications, social media (primarily Facebook and YouTube), website, in-App and programmatic banner display & video. 


The My ClubCard campaign, on a limited budget, but across multi-channels, yielded significant acquisition volumes for App usage, increased marketing consent volumes and response rates.


Clicks adopted a segmented approach, with different channels, messaging and objectives depending on customer behaviour.

"Clicks have achieved some great results, with year on year improvements across all channels, for example: Monthly App sessions, social channels and email/SMS communications. The ClubCard proposition caters for traditional channels, as well as for the more tech savvy customers."


Candice Goodman  - South African Loyalty Awards Judge

Best loyalty programme of the year: B2B

The award was not won outright but still had a brand recognised for demonstrating how the programme / initiative has delivered the best B2B loyalty initiatives and how it has added to the organisations who belong to the programme. 

Highly commended: SA Taxi

"SA Taxi has an exceptional proposition, with partners clearly aligning to their brand proposition. Their programme addresses key strategic imperatives and our judging panel wanted to recognise what this business has achieved. "


Sonja Fourie - South African Loyalty Awards Judge

sa taxi.jpg

Best written entry into the Loyalty Awards 



"We would like to commend Checkers on an exceptional awards entry for Xtra Savings. We found it the most impressive written entry in terms of clarity regarding commercial results, customer responsiveness and loyalty methods used. We watch with interest as this programme matures from its recent launch and initial performance."


Amanda Cromhout – Judging chair of the South African Loyalty Awards


Emerging loyalty professional:

The winner: Mateboho Malope, Vodacom 


Mateboho is the Vodacom Executive Head of Rewards & Loyalty, overseeing strategic ownership of Vodacom Rewards & Loyalty and has successfully launched the VodaBucks Rewards Programme. Prior to joining Vodacom, Mateboho held other senior positions, which  included that of CFO of Mobile Money at MTN SA and Divisional Manager of Partner Relations and Commercial for the Discovery Vitality Loyalty Programme.

Mateboho Malope.png

Prior to joining Vodacom, Mateboho held other senior positions, each move being motivated by her drive to diversify her portfolio and extend her experience base. These positions include that of CFO of Mobile Money at MTN SA and Divisional Manager of Partner Relations and Commercial for the Discovery Vitality Loyalty Programme.


During her tenure at Discovery, Mateboho attended the GIBS’ Executive Leadership Programme and graduated cum laude. Her other academic qualifications include B Comm and MBA degrees.

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