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Best programme of the year - Retail

This award was awarded to the brand which demonstrated that it has operated the best loyalty programme in its sector - Retail.

The winner: Checkers


In October 2019, Africa’s largest supermarket group introduced the Checkers Xtra Savings rewards programme that shows its loyalty to customers, and not the other way round. At launch, Checkers signed up 250 members a second, achieved unprecedented sales and profitability growth for the Checkers brand and put over R3.5bn back into its members pockets. Now over 18 months into the programme, Checkers has signed up over 7.5 million members (all 100% paperless), swiping over 2.4 million times every week and achieving consistent sales coverage way ahead of its long-term targets of 65%. Checkers remains committed to its core proposition: instant cash savings, every day, on products its customers love and need: delivering more than 1,000 deals in every aisle, every day. 

"It is phenomenal what Checkers has achieved in the last 18 months. It has certainly stamped its authority in the loyalty game. A programme of this depth and complexity usually takes decades to develop. Its approach is innovative and fresh. It has a clear customer strategy, coupled with great execution. Checkers has delivered a world class capability, aligned to its overall digital strategy."


Keith Lindsay - South African Loyalty Judge



Highly commended: Pick n Pay

"Pick n Pay Smart Shopper has sustained programme growth over the past 10 years and has developed into a mature entity that is well integrated into the Pick n Pay business model. The commercial benefits certainly reflect this maturity and customer engagement (particularly redemptions and sales participation) have grown significantly. The challenge which Pick n Pay rises to, is to keep its programme fresh, ensure its customers continually engage and that the programme stays relevant. Well done on another great year Smart Shopper!"


Nicholas Bednall - South African Loyalty Rewards Judge


Best programme of the year - Financial Services

This award was awarded to the brand which demonstrated that it has operated the best loyalty programme in its sector - Financial Services.

The winner: eBucks


eBucks Rewards has helped its members manage their money better and driven good banking behaviour for more than 20 years. Since 2000, eBucks has given out over R15 billion in rewards to its customers. Unlike many other financial services rewards programmes, joining eBucks is free. There are no monthly subscription fees and eBucks never expire. Members are rewarded for their day-to-day activities like shopping, filling up with fuel at Engen, loading pre-paid airtime and more. eBucks has over 30 retail and online partners where members can earn and spend eBucks.

FNB eBucks continues to be the leader in the Financial Services sector. It innovates and evolves its customer proposition, while ensuring real value for its customers and the brand. More impressive is how eBucks manages to seemingly enhance what is already brilliant. eBucks has a clear customer strategy and continues to push the boundaries on ensuring a frictionless experience for its customers.


Wendy Knowler- South African Loyalty Awards Judge

Highly commended: Old Mutual 

"Old Mutual Rewards needs to be commended on its achievements over the past three years. Old Mutual has shown some incredible financial and commercial returns; this is impressive as it is incredibly hard to achieve in this sector."

Matt Oldham - South African Loyalty Awards Judge

"Momentum Multiply’s programme is very very impressive. The variety of partners and the selection of products available for cashback shows a great value proposition for Multiply’s customers and an overall more customer centric approach."

Andrew Hall - South African Loyalty Awards Judge


Best programme of the year - Restaurants/QSR

This award was awarded to the brand which demonstrated that it has operated the best loyalty programme in its sector - Restaurants/QSR

The winner: Kauai


Since Kauai’s first store opening in 1994, loyalty has always played an important role at Kauai in the way in which it recognises and rewards its customers for patronage. In Kauai’s world, a loyalty programme must encompass the value of the reward on offer, together with a seamless customer experience. The combination of these two factors determines the true value exchange between Kauai and its customers. The loyalty programme is fully embedded into the Kauai App, recognising customer loyalty through a seamless, frictionless and wholly digital experience.

"Kauai is a dynamic and forward focused loyalty programme. The ongoing innovation around the brand menu offer and loyalty programme is impressive and continues to offer great benefits to its customers. The clever and creative use of technology has enhanced the whole loyalty experience to drive customer engagement and ease of payment in the new contactless world."

Bronwen Rohland - Loyalty Awards Judge



Highly commended: Spur 


"Spur offers a great value proposition for its customers. Spur has impressive usage on its App and a large growing customer base. Its redemption rates are high, showing increased customer engagement with the programme. Improved use of customer data evolving into personalised offers and vouchers is wonderful to see."

Ursula Kuni - South African Loyalty Awards



Best programme of the year - B2B

This award was awarded to the brand which demonstrated that it has operated the best loyalty programme in its sector - Other

The winner: Hollard Trucking


The Hollard Trucking Driver Rewards Card Programme is offered to the drivers of Hollard Trucking’s customers. This programme provides these customers with cash rewards for driving well: the better they drive, the more they earn. The beauty of the programme, however, is that it benefits not only Hollard Trucking and its customers (and their drivers), but every single one of us, too. Better trucking driving means fewer accidents and safer roads, lower fuel and vehicle maintenance costs, fewer insurance claims and better premiums, and greater financial freedom for drivers and their families. Nominally, the Hollard Trucking Driver Rewards Card Programme is a B2B programme – but its reach extends far beyond that narrow definition as described above.

"Excellent programme design. I love the fact that not only does Hollard, fleet owners and drivers benefit, all South Africans benefit also because roads are safer and the economy also benefits because goods are delivered safely and on time. Well thought through. Well done!"

Matt Oldham - South African Loyalty Awards Judge



Highly commended: Distell 

"The Distell Bansella programme is a comprehensive B2B programme that is simple for businesses to understand, while offering good value. The extensive redemption partners drive value for customers while providing them alternate use of their Bansella Bucks. Training and business support is advantageous over and above the customer value of the programme. It was amazing to see the support from the community for the programme."

Thandi Jambat - South African Loyalty Awards Judge


"Distell Amplify has a very good understanding of its customer. This comes through in the design and how the proposition is fit for the consumption outlets in the formal sector."

Zandile Manana - South African Loyalty Awards Judge


Best Loyalty Programme of the Year - Newcomer

The winner: Shoprite

Shoprite Xtra Savings is built on delivering real, tangible value to its customers, guided by the philosophy that retailers should do the hard work for customers, and not the other way around. The programme is focused on instant cash savings, reinforcing Shoprite’s brand promise of “Lower prices you can trust, always” providing even more ways to save, over and above our regular promotions. This provided much needed relief to the tune of R2.6bn in instant savings to consumers during the Covid-19 pandemic. With over 400 signs up a minute at launch, and now with 13 million members to date, this programme is the fastest-growing grocery retailer rewards programme, with ambitions of becoming the largest in SA.







"The Shoprite Xtra savings programme certainly has resonated with consumers and continues the Shoprite Group's digital transformation journey. It is a simple, yet well executed programme delivering value to its customers aligned to the brand promise. The scale, scope and speed of the roll out is unbelievable."



Nicholas Bednall - South African Loyalty Awards Judge


Best Programme of the Year

The winner: MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet



For 24 years MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet has shown that South Africans can make a sustainable difference in the lives of others by shopping at the programme’s retail partners, instore and online. The programme prides itself on forming an emotional connection with supporters through nourishing their aspiration of helping those in need, in an easy and convenient way.


MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet has created a win-win formula for its supporters, beneficiaries and partners, where each stakeholder stands to gain either emotionally, financially or through customer loyalty.


The programme continues to prove that companies can embrace its customers’ spirit of care and harness their compassion by making a difference where it is needed most. From supporting schools and communities, to helping orphaned children. From fighting rhino poaching, to aiding in animal rescue and rehabilitation, MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet enables supporters to give back to the beneficiary of their choice.


It’s thanks to this programme and South Africans using their MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet cards that schools, communities, and organisations can raise the much needed funds to survive and thrive. 

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"This is definitely the programme with the highest impact in this category. It is remarkable to see enhancements to the programme. The results speak for themselves: great improvements in the customer effort and active customer engagement scores."


Wendy Knowler - South Afrian Loyalty Awards Judge

Best Loyalty Agency (Marketing/Rewards) of the Year

The winner: Achievement Awards Group


Achievement Awards Group is a leading full-service company in the field
of incentives and human performance improvement. Primarily servicing clients within the top 200 companies in the country, Achievement Awards Group assists organisations in improving profitability through increased sales, productivity and brand loyalty.


With 40 years’ experience, AAGroup’s current programme portfolio supports over
350 000 participants with the IT capacity, backup and support resources to implement and manage multiple sales incentive, workforce and consumer loyalty programmes simultaneously, without compromising on quality and success.


"AAGroup has a massive wealth of experience and great fulfillment capabilities across platform development, call centre and communication channel integration. I admire the combination of scientific behavioural design and leverage of deep data analytics, starting with research and strategy design to end-to-end execution and administration. They have stand out! Very impressive submission!"



Candice Goodman - South African Loyalty Awards Judge

Best Loyalty Technology Vendor of the Year

The winner: V&S Innovations


In an age where innovation is key to successfully growing your business, starting a new venture or disrupting the status quo, V&S Innovations provide a business partner that is at the forefront of technological innovation.  From incubating an idea, sourcing funding to rolling up our sleeves doing business on the ground, V&S has the experience to drive all clients’ loyalty technology needs in the South African market place.


V&S Innovations believe in bringing ideas to life as quickly as possible by creating a minimum viable product of its clients’ ideas.  V&S Innovations’ multi-channel approach and innovation is driving success for its loyalty clients.

"The focus on omnichannel digital capabilities, while ensuring legacy platforms continued to operate in parallel, provided a seamless experience for its customers. The solution provided by V&S is an end to end capability which also includes logistic management. We are really impressed with what they have done in the South African market and how they have combined loyalty with such a solid CRM strategy and multi-channel digital engagement strategy as well."


Angelo  Clayton - South African Loyalty Awards Judge

Highly commended: SnapnSave 


"The fact that it snapnsave is "plug & play" and that it can be deployed over a large number of clients and industry types is brilliant. There is a high degree of innovation in their offering. The simplicity of the offering and how it can be incorporated into 3rd party loyalty programmes is fantastic."


Keith Lindsay - South African Loyalty Awards Judge


Best short-term Loyalty Marketing Campaign of the Year

The winner:TFG


TFG, one of the leading retail groups in Africa, has a diverse portfolio of more than 20 retail brands including fashion, jewellery, accessories, sporting apparel, cellular, homeware and furniture.  Its multi-brand structure allows myTFGrewards to collect customer data across touchpoints, listen to the customer and deliver value to millions of shoppers.


By combining a deep understanding of the customer with advanced analytics, myTFGrewards delivered highly targeted customer experiences through personalised content, products and offers as a means to promote cross shopping within TFG. The investment into data driven, customer centric campaigns achieved significant incremental uplift on customer response, cross-shopping and ROI metrics in the short term, while building long term customer loyalty through the adoption of new brands within TFG.

"Great use of customer insights to drive a well thought through, targeted campaign delivering significant commercial benefit."


Andrew Hall- South African Loyalty Awards Judge

Highly commended: Old Mutual Rewards


"Old Mutual Rewards has been able to deliver incredible results in consumer participation, cross selling and engagement in a category that is usually of low interest to consumers. Its short-term marketing results were phenomenal. Highly commended example of brilliance in this category."


Nicholas Bednall - South African Loyalty Awards Judge


Best Strategic use of Data Analytics / CRM Applications

The winner: Checkers


Checkers Xtra Savings is relentlessly focused on helping customers save money on the products they love. Combining rich customer data from its Xtra Savings swipes with advanced analytics, it creates unique customer DNA allowing better personalisation of offers to customers’ unique needs and behaviours.  A personalised deals engine launched six-months after the programme began and has since allocated 682 million individual deals to members. These snowflakes are auto loaded to members’ cards and visible on all direct channels and platforms including members’ till slips - completing the seamless omnichannel experience. This Reward and Retain strategy ensures that Xtra Savings members have yet another reason to choose Checkers and swipe their Xtra Savings card every time they shop.

"The Impressive use of data and analytics is a core building block for the Checkers programme. The results of the programme speak volumes for the effective use of their insights. This is the benchmark!"


Zandile Manana - South African Loyalty Awards Judge

Highly commended: Dial Direct

Untitled design.png

"We saw sound use of data analytics in a difficult category to sell. The journey mapping is slick and carefully planned and considered. Simple and well executed with spectacular results!"


Angelo Clayton - South African Loyalty Awards Judge


Most Innovative use of Technology for Loyalty

The winner: eBucks


eBucks Rewards from FNB aims to help its customers thrive in a modern world.  FNB has pioneered when it comes to delivering a platform that helps customers help themselves. eBucks present new innovations and helpful solutions every year that enrich the lives of its customers. With its banking App, eBucks members have secure access to multiple value-add benefits – like a monthly KAUAI benefit, a free quarterly Wimpy burger or breakfast, complimentary access to the SLOW Lounge and more. Plus, members can book flights and car hire on the App.

"We were delighted to see the ongoing innovation year on year from FNB eBucks.  The consistency of technology driven experiences to the eBucks base makes the programme as outstanding as it is.  It’s ever more impressive given they have already set the benchmark so high in previous years."


Thandi Jamba - South African Loyalty Awards Judge

Highly commended: Vodacom


"Vodacom have successfully utilised its ecosystems and available capabilities to drive an innovative and engaging programme. The payment / loyalty / experience integration is innovative and slick. Another great example of how gamification can drive engagement."


Candice Goodman - South African Loyalty Awards Judge


Best Community or Environmental Loyalty Iniatiative / Campaign

The winner: MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet


Loyalty programmes are all about personal rewards.  The MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet programme derives supporter loyalty through a more humanitarian, philanthropic and emotional need - a human’s desire to help others.  Supporting causes you care about not only benefits the charities themselves but is also deeply rewarding for the shopper. Shopping with the knowledge that you are helping others is hugely empowering and in turn can make the shopper feel happier and more fulfilled.


MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet allows for easy, convenient, and free giving back to over 8000 different schools, charities, and animal & environmental organisations. MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet enables supporters to give back to the school, charity, or organisation of their choice.


For 24 years, MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet has driven a sustainable impact for those in need. Every month many organisations depend on the funds that have been raised to pay salaries, compliment feeding schemes, provide support for disabilities and much more.

"Congratulations to MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet,.  What a fantastic programme and well deserved winner of this category. The growing reach of the programme supporting 7000 schools, 1000 charities and hundreds of animal and conservation organisations in South Africa. The impact is massive. The improvements have been noticed over the past year especially in digitisation and customer experience."


Ursula Kuni - South African Loyalty Awards Judge


Best Loyalty Team of the Year

The winner: MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet


Traditionally, the South African Loyalty Awards have recognised outstanding individuals in the loyalty industry in the South African market.  This year, the judges’ choice was to recognise the longer-term and consistent brilliance of the MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet team.  This team has consistently won numerous awards categories over the three years of the South African Loyalty Awards.  Significantly, it is recognised globally at international loyalty awards for its approach to customer loyalty, whilst connecting on a deeper emotional level than traditional programmes. 


This recognition is not of the programme itself but of the team behind the MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet brand.  To lead the charge in delivering emotional loyalty in its home market and to consistently be recognised locally and internationally in loyalty awards over time takes a committed and passionate team which truly understands customer loyalty

"Traditionally, the judges at the South African Loyalty Awards have acknowledged the leadership of an individual in a loyalty leadership role.  We felt that for this year, it was more impactful and relevant to recognise this brilliant team.  MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet is led by Pieter Twine, who is himself a well known loyalty leader.  But Pieter would be the first to say that his team deserves the recognition and such successes enjoyed by this loyalty brand are not possible without the committed team at MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet.  We are delighted to honour them with this award and thank them for their commitment to loyalty excellence in South Africa."


Amanda Cromhout - South African Loyalty Awards Judging Chair

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