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Watch the video below, which helps describe how to create an entry to best showcase your CRM/loyalty brilliance! It provides tips about what judges need to understand your entry and what they are looking for.









It's really easy and simple to submit your entry for the Loyalty Awards. Follow the 5 steps below and you might be on your way to becoming a loyalty award winner!


Please read the rules/small print. This is extremely important to do BEFORE completing your entry. You can download it here.

Go to the categories section, select the category that you want to enter and simply download the entry form for that category. Should you wish to enter more than one category, simply download each entry form individually.


Create your submission. Now is the time for you to blow the judges away! Each category entry form has its own individual criteria. Please make sure that you understand what information and supporting files are required for your entry. Click here for the agency entry agreement. Please also save your entry form and supporting evidence with the correct filename format.


Submit your entry. To submit your entry, email the completed entry form and its supporting files to If your files sizes are too big for email, you can send it via dropbox or we-transfer. Once submitted, you will receive a confirmation email from us, confirming that your entry information submission was received.


Finalise and secure your entry into the Loyalty Awards. Each category has an early bird entry fee of
R2 250.00 (ex VAT) if entered by 17 May and a final deadline fee of R4 500.00 (ex VAT) if entered between 18 May and 31 May. Check your entry form and small print for details on paying the entry fee. Only once payment has been received will you officially be entered into the Loyalty Awards. All payments for entries must be received before 14 June 2024.


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